Top Three Benefits You Can Expect From Penetration TestingJan 06, 2017

Top Three Benefits You Can Expect From Penetration Testing

Every day, viruses and malware are created, activated, developed, and distributed over the cyberspace. Unscrupulous hackers are on the lookout for the slightest opportunity to exploit your applications. Regardless of the many security policies, protocols, and anti-malware, anti-virus or similar applications that you may have, there remains the threat of a cyber hacker intruding your systems. User identity thefts, stolen data, draining off funds, network infiltration, stealing credentials, spying, and sabotage are the common threats associated with cyber attacks. Unless you identify the potential vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures, your applications are not safe from hackers. This is where the importance of penetration testing comes into play. Here are three ways in which pen testing protects your system and applications from exploitation:

1. Exposes Vulnerabilities and Checks the Efficiency of Your Security Team

Although a pen test cannot reveal all the vulnerabilities, it can identify the high risk, and in its absence, the mid-risk ones. The effectiveness of a test is conditioned by a host of factors including the Internet connectivity and the skills of the testers. Apart from putting your security to test, pen testing is also a good way to check the preparedness of your cyber security team. Ideally, your security team must be able to identify multiple threats while performing a penetration test and take necessary steps on time. If the test identifies any vulnerability, the team should start examining the situation and block all tools used by the penetration testers. Pen testing helps you to meticulously assess your cyber-defense capacity and the effectiveness of your security tools. Protective devices such as IPS, IDS and WAF are also tested. You should create alerts o protect your applications from potential attacks.

2. Helps You Avoid Data Infringement Costs

The outcome of a data violation is expensive. There are costs associated with the aftermath of an infringement including legal fees, consumer protection plans, IT remediation, and sales loss. Based on the findings of the Ponemon Institute, a firm conducting independent research on data protection and privacy, data infringement cost in 2016 in the US was $158 for each record of confidential information. With periodic penetration testing, you can proactively secure your business data and prevent the economic loss associated with a data breach. This will help you reinforce your brand and business reputation.

3. Lets You Assess What a Hacker Is Capable of Doing

When penetration testers try to probe into the possible ‘weaker’ links of your system, as a client you will realize what an attacker is capable of doing. You can only imagine the far-reaching repercussion if those weaknesses in your system are misused for stealing user identities, executing OS command, or gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data.

In some cases, pen testing may be the only thing between you protecting your data or losing them to hackers. We can help you creating that safety wall. To learn more about our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services, contact us now.

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